Welcome to Nexus Advisory Boards

We specialize in assembling small groups of key stakeholders for facilitated discussions on topics of specific importance to our clients. Advisory Boards produce insightful opinion and advice that can be used to guide key decisions and future business plans.

Solutions For All Advisory Board Meeting Needs

  • Nexus provides a dynamic range of Advisory Board solutions to serve the needs of private and public companies in all sectors as well as government agencies, NGOs and non-profit organizations. 
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    Customized Advisory Boards
  • Nexus organizes local, regional, national and international Advisory Board Meetings anywhere in the world. 
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    Local to global
  • Face-to-face gatherings continue to be the preferred type of Advisory Board Meeting. However, Nexus also organizes web-based virtual meetings that can accommodate budgetary limitation, short timelines, and participant availabiity.
    Face-to-face and virtual
  • Nexus offers a range of meeting options from one-time events to long term multiple meeting series. 
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    Ad hoc or multi meeting series
  • Nexus provides turnkey services of the highest quality including: meeting planning, agenda development, advisor recruiting, professional facilitation and on-site management.
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    Complete turnkey services
  • When time is of the essence,  Nexus specializes in last-minute, urgent, or short-timeline Advisory Board Meetings.
    Specialists in short timelines